Brent Markley

Brent Markley

Founding Partner | Wealth Advisor

Brent is the founder of Stratos Wealth Partners, and he’s been working in the financial industry for over 35 years. Finance has always been a part of Brent’s life, thanks to family members who worked in the business and sparked his own interest in becoming a financial advisor.

Brent attended Capital University, then went on to work for giants in the financial industry like Edward Jones and AG Edwards, which later merged with Wachovia and Wells Fargo. Then, in 2009, he set out to build a business dedicated to helping individuals better navigate their finances, and Stratos Wealth Partners was born.

When he’s not guiding his clients and developing plans to drive their financial success, Brent is an avid golfer. He also loves to travel and enjoys good food and good wine.

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