Our Proven Wealth Management Process

At Stratos Wealth Partners, we’ve been helping clients manage their wealth and prepare for their financial futures for more than a decade. In that time, we’ve developed a process that has proven successful for our clients time and time again. This process is designed to provide open communication with our clients and enable us to develop and implement a retirement planning strategy together.

Initial Meeting

In our first meeting with a new client, our goal is to get to know you. We want to understand not only your financial information, but your family situation, your short- and long-term goals, and your tolerance for risk in investing. No two people have the exact same situation and goals for the future, and this meeting helps us to get you better so we can build a complete picture of how we can help you.

We’ll also explain our role and how we can help guide you towards meeting your financial goals.

Investment Strategy

Based on the information we gather in our initial meeting, we’ll develop an investment strategy that complements your current situation, goals, and risk tolerance levels. We’ll sit down with you in our investment strategy meeting and present our WealthVision planning document, which outlines the custom plan we’ve developed for you. We’ll discuss how to implement this plan, and the specific products that we think will work best for you.

This is also when we will discuss fees and get your signature on essential documents so we can begin with the next step.


Now, it’s time to start implementing that strategy we built together. We’ll transfer any existing assets we need to, review statements and online sources, organize paperwork, and execute the agreed-upon strategy. Obviously, because your financial plan is unique, the steps towards implementation will vary for every client.

Ongoing Review

Once the plan is put into motion, we’ll continue to perform regular reviews of your investments and the strategy as a whole. We’ll monitor the WealthVision plan, and discuss any changes needed with you as those needs arise. We can also coordinate with other professionals involved in your retirement planning, such as estate attorneys or personal accountants.

From start to finish, our wealth management process is designed to help you meet your unique goals, no matter what they may be. Learn more about the services we provide to see how we can help you, or contact us today.

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